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The Soul Work Course is the culmination of over 15 years of self-experimentation and healing, formal education, and thousands of hours of real-world application with hundreds of clients


I know you're tired of feeling stuck

You're feeling conflicted, tired of searching, but still hopeful
You're lacking clear direction

You experience a general lack of confidence that's really frustrating
In every aspect of your life, you've developed this personality of questioning yourself

Maybe sometimes you get glimpses into aspects of your life where you don't question yourself
You know you're capable of confidence, but in most areas of your life it feels like that mechanism doesn't work



That's where I come in

I wanted to develop something that would empower people and let them have autonomy over their own healing process

It wasn't until I looked at my whole self that I was able to consciously stop those patterns and create new patterns for myself, for my life, and create a life where I was whole and healthy

And that's what I want to share with you

Imagine a version of yourself who...

  • doesn't base your feelings of self worth on others
  • knows who you are
  • is no longer overwhelmed with making decisions
  • trusts yourself
  • doesn't worry so much about what others think
  • knows how to stand up for yourself
  • thinks less and knows how to just be in the moment
  • feels confident and knows how to handle stress
  • has friends you can be vulnerable with and who can be vulnerable with you
  • has a place outside of your home you can call home
  • doesn't worry about letting things go, because you would know how to not pick them up in the first place
  • feels a deep sense of peace and equanimity


All of this is possible for you!

I did it, my clients have done it, and you can do it too

This is the answer

The Soul Work Course isn't another self-help book or a new habit to try and fit into your life. It's not about trying to address one or two symptoms while still leaving the rest of your life disordered and dysfunctional

The Soul Work Course is whole-self focused

It takes all of the guesswork out of healing and growth. You don't have time to put your life on pause to create a road map by trial-and-error; The Soul Work Course IS that road map

buying the latest book and trying to make yourself fit into who and what it says you should be

NO MORE running yourself ragged trying to make time for one more new habit that promises to "fix everything"

NO MORE wondering if there's just something "broken" or "wrong" about you


The Soul Work Course teaches you how to tailor your life to fit you exactly



Hi, I'm Desirée

I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor and yoga instructor; but the real, TRUE title for what I do is Soul Worker


As both a therapist and a human being, all I kept hearing in the world is that there was something inherently wrong with us as people. That our symptoms and struggles were just all the ways that we're faulty and need to be fixed

It took me years of negative experiences and hurt before I realized something wasn't wrong with me, there was something wrong with our culture and what society was telling me about who I should be and what it meant to heal

So I began looking at that idea instead, the idea that maybe we aren't what's wrong, we aren't what needs to be fixed. I started digging deeper into the research and following my hunch that we are more integrated that our current health model teaches; that we have to heal relationships if we want to heal ourselves; that maybe we should start with listening to our own experiences rather than prescribing more ways we need to change

Soul Work is the process of becoming who you were created to be

This course is based on current research and all of the work I’ve put in both in my education and career and my own personal experience

It's all the stuff people liked in therapy as well as what they wanted from therapy but we couldn't get to

It’s education plus empowerment


In The Soul Work Course, I lead you into your own mess and empower you to heal your way through it

I teach you how we make changes and why, and lead you through the experience of making the changes in your life that you want to make

I created the Soul Work Course to help you heal









So what is The Soul Work Course?

The Soul Work Course is my whole-self focused process that will walk you through exactly how to shape your life to fit YOU by healing your body, your mind, and your relationships

When you register, you'll get instant access to my exclusive membership site, which includes my library of teaching videos, training documents, exercises, and digital resources.
I break everything down into guided sections to make the process easy and intuitive.

What Makes The Soul Work Course Different?

There are a million self-help books, gurus, courses, retreats, and trainings out there. The Soul Work Course is different. Here's why:

    The vast majority of resources you'll find out in the wild focus on what we in the therapy world call "first order change", meaning individual symptoms change, but the underlying SYSTEM remains untouched. Instead, The Soul Work Course focuses on "second order change", meaning I focus on helping you the underlying, fundamental parts of yourself that CAUSE your symptoms so you can experience true healing and freedom.
    Any symptom that you have, whether it's physical, emotional, relational, even something about the way your home functions, all of those things in your life are part of a bigger picture. And that's what I teach. I teach you how to see and care for the bigger picture of your life, how to integrate all of the parts and how to structure your life and have autonomy over your life in a way that you get to consciously choose.
    When you’re seeing a therapist once a week, it’s typically to work on one specific aspect of your life, so all of the resources of therapy are devoted to that--the time, money, emotional and mental energy, etc. And there’s always stuff that happens in that week between sessions to go over and address, and it doesn’t leave a lot of time to work on the “soul work” that will have the biggest impact for a person’s whole life system. I  streamline this process to include all of the foundational work as well as the things that both I and my clients wished we could get to, but simply couldn’t prioritize over other work. This is a resource that serves as an anchor point - it won’t change even when life becomes dramatic or tumultuous or unpredictable; rather it is stable and consistently accessible and brings you into a place where you can learn to direct your life rather than letting life direct you.
    Our society tells us that symptoms are problems that need to be fixed, when all they are is our bodies and our minds telling us "something is wrong, pay attention to me". I teach you how to listen to your symptoms, understand what they're telling you, recognize the parts of your life that are causing them, and gently heal your entire self.
    I have genuine care and desire for people to grow. My way of investing in a better world and a healing future is by investing in people. This is my investment -- The Soul Work Course is everything I’ve learned over 15 years of self-experimentation and healing, formal education, working as a licensed counselor, and my continued exploring deeper and deeper into the realm of soul work and healing; and it’s all delivered to you, right into your hands. I've gone through these same steps myself and synergized everything I’ve learned to streamline the process for you.

Now is Your Time



Content Overview

In The Soul Work Course, I lead you into your own mess and empower you to heal your way through it; to tailor your life to fit you exactly. I cover everything from basic wellness practices to healing generational trauma and, while it might seem intimidating at first, I have organized the course specifically to allow you to move through at your own pace.

You'll start with the course introduction, then move into the three key areas that The Soul Work Course is built on: Self, Relationships, and Community.




In The Soul Work Course, we start by establishing eight new habits that will become the foundation of your work for the rest of your life. These habits are absolutely essential—without them, trying to do your soul work is like driving with your check-engine light on.

  • I will walk you through these eight habits, step-by-step

  • You will be empowered to integrate them into your life in a lasting and impactful way

  • I will show you how these habits build the essential foundation of self care and wellness

  • You will be equipped with the tools you need to make these habits work for you and not against you


After you have your habit-foundation built, you'll move on to the Self section where you'll work on Wellbeing and Self Care, Vitality and Health, and Creativity and Expression. This is a ROBUST section that teaches you all about your mind, neurology, emotions, health, identity, and more.

  • Wellbeing and Self Care
    • You'll learn about the Process of Change; the different phases you move through to enact real and lasting change in your life

    • We'll go over the importance of maintaining positive changes in your life, and how to overcome relapses to old behaviors when they happen

    • You'll learn about the Hierarchy of Needs and the differences between deficiency and growth needs

    • You'll learn how to identify all of your needs as a person, from the most basic physical needs to your high-level emotional and relational needs, and how to nurture and provide for them

    • You'll then move into the Care of Self section where you'll learn how to identify and establish self care routines that are right for YOU

    • I'll teach you how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in all areas of your life

    • We'll discuss when therapy can be helpful, and how to go about finding a therapist that is the right fit for you and your needs

  • Vitality and Health
    • This section is where we'll do a deep dive on understanding your body, your mind, and how intrinsically linked they are in both function and health

    • You'll learn about emotional literacy; what emotions ARE and what they ARE NOT, and what you can learn about yourself from the emotions you experience and the things that trigger them

    • I'll teach you about stress and trauma and the impact they have on your body, your mind, and the world around you

    • We'll talk about the female body, your cycle, and how you can be empowered by embracing the TRUTH about your body and how it works while simultaneously healing from the false narratives you've been receiving about your body from society since you were a baby

    • We'll wrap up this section by looking at the foods we fuel our bodies with and the doctors and practitioners we choose to provide us care

  • Creativity and Expression
    • You'll learn about your own identity; your sense of Self. You learn all of the elements that make up your sense of Self, and all of the factors that have fed into your own

    • We'll discuss authenticity and how to identify and overcome the pressure to fit in and reshape ourselves into what we think society wants us to be

    • We'll spend specific time discussing our sexuality; what it is, what it's not, and how we can have power and agency over our bodies and our sexuality

    • You'll finish this section by learning about language and communication and the power of creativity


The second pillar of The Soul Work Course is the Relationships section. This will go over both understanding and healing from past relationships as well as setting the intention for the kind of relationships you want in your life going forward

  • We'll take a long look at relationships and the science and research behind how they work and how they impact us as human beings

  • You'll learn about the impact of family roles growing up, and the damaging results of family secrets

  • I'll teach you about attachment styles; what they are, how they influence you, and how you can heal yours

  • We'll spend an entire session going over relational boundaries, trust, and the importance of empathy

  • We'll do a deep-dive into forgiveness; what it is, and what it is not

  • You'll learn how to handle conflict in your relationships so conflict can become a tool for transformation instead of a catalyst for destruction


Next is the Community section. Here, you'll work on Provision and Contribution, Spirituality, and Conscious Citizenship. This will take everything you learned in the previous sections and show you how to live it out and take it out into the world so that you can both live in alignment with yourself and make a positive impact

  • What IS a "community" anyway? We'll define what the term means and how it impacts in your day-to-day life

  • Money. We'll talk about it. Specifically we'll dig into what your relationship with money has been, and how that his impacted your financial decisions in your life

  • We'll also discuss Spending, Boundaries, and Generosity, and how to develop a healthy mindset around all three

  • Next we'll move into discussing spirituality (not religion, SPIRITUALITY). Don't worry, this isn't a surprise church class or a woo-woo lecture, this is about you and how you connect to the world around you

  • The final section of the main course will focus on Conscious Citizenship

  • You'll find out how to take everything you have learned so far and utilize it for the benefit of your fellow world citizens

  • We'll learn about intersectionality and the various facets that make up our identities

  • I'll teach you about collective and intergenerational trauma

  • We'll discuss how we can best speak up and use our power in meaningful and impactful ways

  • Finally, you'll learn how to be proactive, authentic, and engaged with society


Finally, you'll complete the capstone of the course, which is creating your Manifesto of Values and Influence. This will be the compass of your life—the internal compass that you already have and discover through the work of the course—externalized as a visual declaration of who you are and how you choose to live 



And that's just a quick summary of the things you'll learn in The Soul Work Course. Additional content in the course includes:

  • Prompts for journaling and reflection

  • Interactive exercises to help personalize and tailor-fit the course to you

  • Guided meditation videos and mindfulness practices

  • An ever-growing library of resources and tools for members to utilize in their journey



The Soul Work Course will give you everything you need to finally find the healing you've been searching for

IT'S OKAY if you feel like you've tried everything before
The Soul Work course is YOU focused, not symptom focused. I created this course to be 100% adaptable to you and your needs, rather than expecting you to change yourself to fit the course.

IT'S OKAY if you're worried that you're "too busy" right now
One of my frustrations in one-on-one therapy was how limited we were in the things we could work on because of time and life constraints. Because of that, I created The Soul Work Course to allow you to move at your own pace within the flow of your own life and schedule.

IT'S OKAY if you think there's nothing that can help
I get that, I really do. I've felt that way, I've had clients that have felt that. You're not alone. You're also NOT BROKEN. You have the means within you to heal, and I will help you find that.

The Soul Work Course

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  • This option includes access to the first three modules covering Habit Building, Process of Change, and Care of Self ONLY.
  • This offer does not include any of the special bonuses.
  • If at any time you want to unlock access to the rest of the course, you will be able to do so for the remaining $1500 cost.

Introductory Price: $500


The Soul Work Course 

The Soul Work Course includes:

  • Instant access to the entire Soul Work Course.
  • Over 10 hours of in-depth training and educational videos to guide you on your journey.
  • Customized exercises and meditations
  • Interactive guided activities to help put your work into practice.

Normal Price: $2500

Available now for: $2000

Payment plans are available by request


You will have instant access to The Soul Work course upon registration

a note from me:

I know you're serious about your inner work because you're here reading this right now. And I know how it feels to be standing in a place where the choice is to keep going as is or step out into an unknown. It feels exciting and full of doubt all at the same time.

I remember standing in that place myself so many times over my life, both big and small. Even if it felt scary, the choice always felt clear to me: I knew I wasn't going to maintain the status quo—I was going to create something better.

Embarking on an inward journey of discovery and re-creation is no simple task. It takes dedication and perseverance. But the results are immeasurable and life-changing. It teaches you how to listen to yourself, it teaches you how to be trustworthy for yourself, and it empowers you to create yourself into the life you deeply long for.

You are the ultimate decider. You get to choose. Do you want to keep going down the path you're on? Or do you know for certain, deep down, that you could really use a map back to yourself. The Soul Work Course is that map, and you are the discoverer.

Say yes to your own healing

Start your Soul Work now



Will this course work?

I wish I could say with absolute certainty and enthusiasm, that this course works for every single person. But, in reality, this course can work only as well as you dedicate yourself to doing the work.

How is this different from therapy?

This course is not therapy, nor is it a replacement for therapy. It can be used as a complement to therapy.


  • Specific to an individual

  • Client-Driven

  • Circumstance-Driven

  • Focused on a specific problem

  • Designed for work that needs to be done in the context of a personal, healing relationship

The Soul Work Course

  • Created to be applicable and relevant across experiences

  • Coach-determined, according to research

  • Curriculum-Driven

  • Focused on foundational tools and inner work

  • Designed for work that can be done on your own with optional support and community

Do you offer refunds?

No, there are no refunds. Only commit to this if you are ready to show up for the work.

What if I can't afford it? I'm nervous about investing in myself in this way and not having anything "to show" for it.

I completely understand! How many of us have huge chunks of expendable cash laying around in the bank? But the reality is that choosing to invest in yourself in this way you are making a definitive, executive decision for yourself to change your life. On a psychological level, investing monetarily will also help ensure that you invest yourself mentally, emotionally, and with your time and energy. And right now, The Soul Work Course is priced as low as it will ever be, and we offer a payment plan as well. If you were to see a highly trained therapist or coach on a weekly basis, you could get through about three to four months for the same cost, and you would not be able to cover even a fraction as much ground as this course will cover. But once you purchase the course, you will have lifetime access to it, as well as any updates. And many people have a hard time quantifying the intangible changes that come about from inner work—but in short, you will have yourself to show for it.

"Your new life is going to cost you your old one." - Mantra Magazine

What are you waiting for?



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